Trademark Registration

China adopts the International Classification of Goods and Services formulated pursuant to the Nice Convention. Designated goods/services for a trademark application must be clear. Multi class application is acceptable.


Application Steps Time Period
Preparing filing documents and filing application to the Chinese Trademark Office -
Issuing an official Filing Receipt by Trademark Office Within 3 months (after the Trademark application is submitted)
Conducting formal examination & substantial examination, with the scheduled time for publication or the result or rejection available by the Trademark Office About 9 months examination period (after official filing date), and 3 months publication period
Issuing a registration certificate by the Trademark Office 1 year to 1 year and a half (after official filing date)

Information and Documents Required

  • Trademark Application Form: Name and address of the applicant, Chinese name of the applicant, goods/services, Nice class(es) of goods;
  • Trademark Figure: not exceeding 10cm or being less than 5cm in length and breadth; If the trademark is in color, one black and white label shall be submitted in addition to the color prints;
  • Sealed Business License (company) / signed ID card or passport (natural person);
  • Power of Attorney: Sealed (if the applicant(s) is/are company) or signed (if the applicant(s) is/are natural person), and no notarization or legalization is required; and
  • priority document, if priority is claimed.